Facade Door Systems

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are the most commonly used type of door in the garage door industry.  The sheer durability of steel (with a standard gauge thickness ranging from 26 ga. to 20 ga.) coupled with today’s advancements in manufacturing technology allow designers and engineers to produce a wide variety of stamped products for the market.

To make the process of designing your steel garage doors quick and easy, here is the 5-step process we take you through:

  1. Select your panel DESIGN
  2. Pick your favourite COLOR from solid or woodgrain options (custom paint colors are also available)
  3. Decide among window INSERTS and DECORATIVE  WINDOWS (or skip this step and go right to Step 4 )
  4. Choose your door energy-efficiency level:
    Insulated: Polystyrene R - Value 4-10.9
    Insulated: Polyurethane R - Value 13.1–17.4
    (see section CONSTRUCTION image)

Our steel door PHOTO GALLERY below will help you start isolating your custom options.

We are happy to help answer any questions you have as you start your design process and you are welcome to contact us  for more information at any time.