Facade Door Systems

Modern & Contemporary Garage Doors

Modern and contemporary garage doors are most commonly referred to as “flush” doors.  Facade Door Systems specializes in creating flush doors that match the new trend in contemporary residential housing design.

If your goal is to customize your flush garage doors to compliment your newly-built home, choose from our unique selection of SURFACE OPTIONS and no-stamp design features to create modern garage doors that make a statement.

To achieve the stunning visual effect of modern and contemporary flush garage doors, we guide you through the design process by clarifying your expectations to get us all on the same page.  Together we then distill your preferences to reveal the vision of your ideal design.

We counsel you in:

  • Isolating your top choice in colour and surface where you can select between factory colour options or choose a custom paint colour from collections that include RAL, metallic, gloss, semi-gloss, and flat finishes
  • Selecting an exterior finish of composite materials, metal, wood, or any combination of them
  • Understanding the design and structural implications of installing windows in your contemporary garage doors and assisting you in choosing between standard, decorative or custom options should you wish to include these design features in your unique flush design

Browse through the PHOTO GALLERY below to start getting inspiration for your custom design project and contact us  when you want more information and to receive a quote.